Welcome to Lumar Australian Labradoodles, quality breeder of
Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles
in southeastern Virginia.

We only breed Australian Labradoodles.

All of our puppies have found forever homes, and we are not planning any more litters until late 2018. Here are several other trusted breeders. Please tell them we sent you!!

Pam McCarl at Eden Valley Labradoodles in MD. www.edenvalleylabradoodles.com
Steve Meredith at Hope Farm Labradoodles in NC. www.hopefarmlabradoodles.com
Sonali Monolakis at Cornerstone Labradoodles in MD. www.cornerstonelabradoodles.com
Carolyn Albright at Salem Manor Labradoodles in NC. www.salemmanorlabradoodles.com



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Contact us if you would like to add an Australian Labradoodle to your family.
They are the perfect family pet and also serve as wonderful therapy or service dogs.  Contact us here.


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We breed pure Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles from quality bloodlines. The bloodlines of our dogs originate with Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in Australia.

Australian Labradoodles are sociable, intuitive, and friendly, which makes them PERFECT family pets! Gentle and loving, they are eager-to-please and are thus well suited as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and assistance dogs. With 99% hypo-allergenic coats, Australian Labradoodles are often the perfect fit for people who have not been able to own a pet because of their allergies.

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We have a highly-selective breeding program in our home. Our focus is on the health, temperament, and care of this amazing breed of dog. We are in love with the cheerful attitude, playful spirit, and heart of gold that is characteristic of a well-bred Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle. They are perfect pets for families with children of all ages!

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Australian Labradoodles also have a great sense of humor! Here is our Olive. One of her favorite puppy games was stealing clean laundry from the basket and carrying it off to her favorite chair!

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Currently we are focusing our program on miniature and medium Australian Labradoodles. We love these sizes as they are big enough to play with but small enough to be an easy travel companion! Australian Labradoodles love being outdoors.


The health of the breed is essential to our program and our dogs are tested for eyes, heart, thyroid, and hips and elbows. We are confident in the health of the puppies we provide, and we offer a 2 year guarantee. We also follow the strict guidelines and are members of the Australian Labradoodle Association in America. All of our puppies are born in our home where they will be loved, played with, and socialized until the are ready to go to their forever homes!

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Please contact us for more information. Click here to see our available puppies. We’d love to help you find the perfect pet for your family!

Kristina Whitman
Lumar Australian Labradoodles
Suffolk, VA
email: info@lumarfarms.com


Lumar Australian Labradoodles, breeders of Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppies in southeastern Virginia, serves the cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Williamsburg, and Richmond. We are a short drive from North Carolina, northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia. We provide family pets for families all over the south eastern United States and beyond. Our Australian Labradoodle dogs are raised in our home in a warm, loving, family environment. We have Australian Labradoodle Puppies for families or to act as service dogs. Australian Labradoodles make wonderful therapy dogs!

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We are a proud member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America!

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We are honored to have achieved the highest award level offered by ALAA for our commitment to health testing and responsible breeding!

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