Our Dogs

lacey_oliviaThis is the girl that started it all, our “Olive.” We are so in love with this amazing dog! She joined our family and we were instantly smitten! Olive comes from our friends Steve and Debby Meredith at Hope Farm Labradoodles in North Carolina. She is loving, affectionate, playful, and smart as a whip! Olive loves her human and doggy friends and has been known to steal clean laundry straight from the basket! She knows what time her human kids arrive home from school each day and waits by the window watching for them. She loves to go exploring, lay in the sunshine, and cuddle with her family. She is just the perfect dog!! Olive is a mini in size and has a curly chocolate fleece coat; she is fully health tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standard.


lumar_labradoodles_pippiOur lovely Pippi Longstocking joined the Lumar Labradoodles family and our hearts melted instantly! Pippi came to us from our friends at Great Rock Labradoodles in Connecticut and we could not be happier with this adorable girl. Her gorgeous curly fleece coat is red in color and garners her attention wherever she goes. But it is her lovely spirit and affectionate nature that Pippi is best known for! She is the perfect family dog and is the sweetest, happiest, and most attentive girl. She is the perfect lap dog and instinctively provides comfort and companionship whenever it is most needed. Pippi is blessed to have an amazing guardian home which includes 3 loving kiddos who shower her with attention. Pippi is a fabulous mama who takes her job seriously and loves every moment of mother her babies. Pippi is a mini sized girl with a giant sized heart! She is fully health tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standard.


breeding dog template_mollyWe are thrilled to introduce Olive’s daughter, our very own Little Miss Molly. She is the most joyful and loving girl! Molly thinks of herself as a human baby and loves to cuddle, play, and hang with her family! Molly is also extremely smart and excels in her obedience work. This happy-go-lucky girl is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. Molly has beautiful eyes and draw you in and invite a snuggle. She is a wonderful example of what an Australian Labradoodle should be! She lives with her awesome Guardian Family in Chesapeake and spends her days with her canine sisters Maggie and Misty. Molly is a loving mama and we are excited about her ongoing contributions to our program here at Lumar. Molly is a mini caramel girl who carries for chocolate. She is fully health tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standard.

breeding dog template_mazieWe are sooooo excited to introduce our gorgeous  Mazie! Coming to us from our friend Kristen Johll at Shelby Avenue Australian Labradoodles, Mazie is a beautiful gold cream colored medium sized Australian Labradoodle! We could not be happier with this stunning girl. She is a happy, goofy, playful LOVE! Mazie gets so excited that her whole bum wags when she’s happy!! She loves to fetch, bark at squirrels, and greet every person she meets with a kiss and a “bum wag”! She also enjoys hanging out in the backyard with “her boy,” our (human) son. Mazie follows him on adventures exploring through the woods and swimming in the river. We are thrilled about her future here and hope to have medium sized Mazie babies this year!! Mazie is cream in color, 19 inches, 33lbs, and has gorgeous dark brown eyes that follow her humans wherever we go. Mazie is fully tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standard.


breeding dog caliOur sweet California Girl has been happily transplanted to Virginia! This is Cali, who came to us from our breeder friends on the west coast, Faithful Doodles. Cali is an absolute dream!! She is a mini Australian Labradoodle who tips the scales at just 16lbs–the perfect size for picking up and snuggling in our arms! Cali has a super soft straight fleece coat. We feel so blessed to have this precious girl, who is sweet, sensitive, affectionate, and loving. Cali comes from therapy lines which is easy to see by how sensitive and attentive she is. Nothing makes her happier than being with her humans! Cali can always be found with a toy in her mouth, ready for game of fetch. She has never had a bad day in her life and is a constant source of joy in our home!!  Cali lives with us here at LAL where she loves acting as an auntie to all the puppies. We can’t wait to meet her own sweet babies later this year! Cali is fully tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standard.


breeding dog_beauWe are over-the-moon to introduce our handsome stud boy Beau! We waited two years for this amazing dog from the renowned Australian Labradoodle breeder Dixie Springer of Springville Labradoodles. He did not disappoint! Beau is a large mini and has perfect confirmation, a strong body, a beautiful face, and that stunning deep red coat. But his personality is what stands out most of all! Beau is full of exuberance and fun! He is loving, happy, friendly, and spunky. He is happy hanging out at home with his humans, playing with doggy friends, or hitting the road for an adventure. Beau has never met a stranger and is a wonderful ambassador of our breed! His mama frequently gets stopped to answer questions about him! Beau lives with his awesome Guardian parents in Virginia Beach and enjoys chasing waves at the oceanfront.  We are pleased to report that he is fully tested to the ALAA Gold Paw Standard, passing his testing with flying colors. He has a very bright future here at LAL!






We are a proud member of the Australian Labradoodle Association of America!

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We are honored to have achieved the highest award level offered by ALAA for our commitment to health testing and responsible breeding!

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